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No tumblr, I don’t want to follow blogs with a ton of porn on them. But thanks for the suggestion. =__=

Honestly. I follow NOTHING on here with nudity. Do they suggest it to everyone? Is it linked to like.. animals or pokemon or equal rights??? I don’t know how even the robot that decides this thinks it was a good thing to suggest to me.


Battleaxe (Tabar) with Dagger

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Place of Origin: Northern India
  • Medium: steel, copper, brass.
  • Measurements: overall length: 56 cm; axe blade length: 13 cm; dagger blade length: 26 cm

The weapon features a crescent shaped head with a steel blade covered in brass and decorated with engraved arabesque motifs. In the counter blade it has an elephant surrounded by two tigers, in a perfect silhouette, made of forged brass.

The tubular handle is completely covered in brass, ornamented with a vegetal themed chisel work. It is finished by a lotus button which serves as a handle for a small dagger hidden inside it.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Caravana Collection


Anonymous asked:

Why are you against owning a tiger as an exotic pet? Are you against owning exotic pets?


Firstly I’m not even going to try to get into the can of worms that is “what is exotic and what isnt?!” argument.  I will go ahead and say here that birds, small mammals like hedgehogs and sugar gliders, and reptiles like ball pythons/blood pythons/etc I have no issue with if people do their research and can absolutely provide what they need.

There is a very very long list why I and everyone else should be against keeping tigers, lions, leopards, and any other wild cat as a pet.  Here and here is what Big Cat Rescue has to say about it.  You can watch this Vice documentary on the exotic pet trade.

In short, in case you don’t feel like reading, 

  • There is no reason to keep an animal like a tiger as a pet.
  • The average person cannot provide everything this animal needs, hence why many pet tigers are seen living in homes or in tiny chainlink pens(living in the home is so far from what they need in their environment it isn’t even funny)
  • It can cost up to 15k to feed a big cat for a year, that includes varied beef items, chicken, and whole prey such as thawed rabbits.  People go broke, and their animals starve, and have to be given up.  It’s not easy to rehome a big cat.
  • It sends the worst message to the public that these big cats are just “big housecats”
  • Hint: they’re not.  Pet big cats are not domestic in any sense; they’re not even tame.  The domestication of today’s dog started 32k years ago, and 12k years for the cat. However you raise them, they are still ALWAYS going to be wild and dangerous.  They may become habituated to their owners and show what looks like “affection,” but trust me, it’s all food motivation.  You are the person who gives them dinner and things to play with.
  • If the cat injures or kills you, the cat is killed as well.  It is never just your choice to take a risk when you own these animals.  Big cats can kill in play, they don’t even have to try to hurt you.
  • It endangers your neighbors too; cats escape.  Especially if they live in low budget pens or in someone’s house.  An escaped cat is a dead cat.  See: Zanesville, Ohio
  • It harms conservation efforts.  Why worry about wild tigers if you can always buy one as a pet? It feeds into the black market for cubs also.  

Again, there’s no logical reason to have them, and it causes so much more harm than good.  Wild cats, from tigers down to bobcats, are not pets.  They are dangerous, destructive, and incredibly costly.

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